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Patenting in Kazakhstan and abroad

On the market since 2009

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"INTELLECTUAL-KAZAKHSTAN" patent bureau provides a wide range of services for registration and support of intellectual property objects in Kazakhstan and abroad. Our office has been working on the market since 2009.
We offer professional support in the acquisition, maintenance and protection of rights to the following intellectual property:
• trademark registration in Kazakhstan
• patenting of an invention in Kazakhstan
• utility model patenting in Kazakhstan
• industrial design patenting in Kazakhstan
• copyright registration in Kazakhstan Using modern methods of communication, we provide high-level services in the field of intellectual property, regardless of the location of the customer.

For our cooperation, You do not need to personally travel to Nur-Sultan, we can conclude an agreement by exchanging signed electronic copies of the agreement between us and then exchanging the originals, which will allow you to quickly start registering Your intellectual property.

Sincerely, Patent Attorney of the Republic of Kazakhstan Ibragimova Assel Mahmudbekov (Certificate No. 128 dated 14.12.2011)
The Director General of the Patent Bureau "INTELLECTUAL - KAZAKHSTAN" Kadirova Elmira Tolkunova

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The name of the company, logo, image, brand, slogan - all these familiar concepts are united by one legal term - “TRADEMARK”.
A trademark is a designation that serves to distinguish goods (services) of one legal or physical persons from similar goods (services) of other legal or physical persons.


Patent for industrial design

An industrial design is an artistic and design solution of a product that determines its appearance.


Patent for utility model

A utility model is a technical solution to a task that relates exclusively to a device whose set of essential features is not known from the state of the art, and the device must be industrially applicable.


Patent for invention

The objects of the invention may be material objects or processes created or transformed by man.


Patent registration in Kazakhstan

The registration of patents in Kazakhstan is carried out through the Institute of Intellectual property.
Entrust the registration of patents to a patent attorney! This is a guarantee of fast passing of formalities and full protection of your rights.


Copyright is personal non-property and property rights of the author. Copyright and related rights protect the rights of authors, artists, musicians, performing artists, broadcasters and other creators for their literary or artistic works and creations.


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The Patent Office and a patent attorney in the RK (Kazakhstan) — patenting and registration of industrial designs, utility models, and inventions

Kazakhstan patenting requires carrying out many procedures and presenting some documents. A necessary list of objects having an opportunity of getting intellectual activity rights is mentioned by Article 961 of the Civil Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Mentioned conditions show fulfillment of legal protection touching inventions and models.  Article 991 of the Civil Code defines them. An invention which may use legal protection must be recognized by technical solution. Also its condition ought to be new according to the inventive level and industrial application.

The RK patent is given by help of the patent office. A patent attorney is engaged in all paper works.

We offer a full range of services regarding patenting and registration of all needful documents. Here is the list of all types of patenting in Kazakhstan:

The patent office gives you an opportunity of undergoing patenting and registration procedures as soon as possible.

How does one obtain a patent for an invention, utility model or industrial design?

In Kazakhstan, you should fill out applications aiming at receiving invention and utility model patents. Applications should be filed in the RSE «National Institute of Intellectual Property» of the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Kazakhstan in order to verify its intellectual property. Applications are considered in accordance with procedures established by law; an expert examination is to be exercised. After its implementation, based on results, one decides to grant a patent or to refuse it.

You can only obtain a KZ patent in accordance with a procedure established by law. All decisions are made on the basis of Articles 6 and 7 of the Law on Patents of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Article 35 of the Law on Patents provides for a fee payment to the State for procedures carried out by authorized bodies and related to issuance of security documents. Everything is carried out in accordance with legislation on taxes of the Republic of Kazakhstan. An amount of payment for carrying out actions for obtaining a patent is set in the paragraph on "Prices for work and services". The right to economic management is granted to the NIIP which belongs to the structure of the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The document has the number 368 and is dated December 18, 2014.

Rules concerning obtaining intellectual property objects within Kazakhstan and abroad

The patent office will help you quickly prepare all the necessary papers for a patent for intellectual property rights in the Republic of Kazakhstan and abroad. Here is the list of the documents for obtaining a patent required in Kazakhstan:

  1. An application for issuance of security documents specifies authors of invention as well as names of those persons for whom the document is requested for protection. Indicate their place of residence or location.
  2. Detailed inventory of an invention is necessary to specify the entire principle of its operation, with which a specialist in the field of it can understand its mechanism of action.
  3. A formula of developing inventions is to specify the entire algorithm of actions. Everything should be clear and extremely accurate.
  4. Drawings and other materials allow one to better understand mechanisms and principles of operating inventions.
  5. A report.
  6. It requires presenting a letter of attorney in case of necessity. Letters of attorney are necessary when office work is carried out with the help of a representative.

Documents for obtaining a patent for an invention include a main list. One needs a form confirming paying for applications. Formal expertise also stands in need of the abovesaid information. If there is no document reducing it, a payment is made in the amount established by law.

Patent and trademark registration in Kazakhstan (RK) — Nur-Sultan (Astana) city

A patent attorney of the Republic of Kazakhstan is a person presenting interests of the patent office. The highly qualified specialist is fully aware of the procedures of patenting and trademark registration in Kazakhstan. Applications can be submitted by an applicant himself or by a person who represents him/her.

We work with clients dwelling in Nur-Sultan and Kazakhstan. Our services are also available to foreign customers. A patent for a utility model can only be issued by law. Documents are drawn up in accordance with Article 167 of the Civil Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan. All work is carried out within time limits established by law. If you have a necessary package of documents, there are no difficulties with registration.

Professional services of a patent attorney and the Patent Office in the RK

Patent applications in Almaty are filed in various ways. They can be sent by mail/email or sent to the reception office of the National Institute. Electronic filing of an application provides for usage of an electronic and digital signature.

We render services of a patent attorney and patenting in Kazakhstan. Patents for Kazakhstan citizens are made in the shortest possible time. Professional employees who know in detail how to formalize a patent in Kazakhstan will do everything as quickly as possible. They are familiar with all subtleties of this procedure and fast ways of its solving.

Price and cost of services including patenting and trademark registration in Kazakhstan and abroad

A patent or a simplified version in Kazakhstan can only be chosen by clients. The cost of our services is one of the most affordable in the country. Our prices are suitable for all customers. We provide all types of services related to patenting and registration. Getting a patent in Almaty, using our services, is easy for everyone.

People can register a trademark both in the Republic of Kazakhstan and abroad. A patent in the Republic of Kazakhstan is issued in the shortest possible time provided by legislation. You can contact us using the contacts described on the website. Here you will receive a full range of services related to obtaining a patent for an invention or utility model in the RK. If you have any questions, please contact our consultants.

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