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As invention is protected a technical solution in any field relating to the product (device, substance, strain of microorganism, cell culture of plants or animals), method (process of implementation of actions over material object by material means), as well as the use of a known product or method for a new purpose or a new product for a particular purpose.
The creators of new technologies are not always aware of the need for timely identification of technical solutions that can be patented as inventions, which is why they have claims from third parties.

Legal protection is granted to an invention if it is new, has an inventive level and is industrially applicable.
The rights to an invention are protected by a patent, which is issued based on the results of an examination conducted in accordance with the Patent law of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
A patent certifies the priority, authorship, and exclusive right to an object of industrial property.
A patent for an invention is valid for twenty years from the date of filing the application.

Registration and formalization of an invention patent in the RK (Kazakhstan) — applying, patenting and obtaining an invention patent in Nur-Sultan/Astana c.

A patent for an invention is a type of documentation that relates to various technically complex types of devices, mechanisms, and other groups of systems. This document has the longest duration. In addition, a patent for an invention is issued for various products — these can be both aircraft mechanisms and confectionery products.

In order to get protection, a device must have certain characteristics: to be new and to be practised in different fields of activity. The term of a European patent for an invention can last up to 20 years.

How does one obtain a patent for an invention in Kazakhstan/RK?

If you do not know how and where to apply for a patent for an invention, read the following instruction. It contains the basic steps that will allow you to get the documentation without any difficulties:

  1. Perform an information search. It can be implemented in the database of invention patents of the Republic of Kazakhstan. This action will help you find out if there is the same mechanism in the system, and whether you can send a request. However, keep in mind that the search should be carried out not only in domestic but also in international platforms.
  2. Preparation of papers. After a search is completed, it is necessary to prepare documents for a patent for an invention. There is a list of all papers you need on Kazpatent.kz. After that, it is necessary to proceed with registration of an application for the grant of a patent for an invention. The paper is accompanied by a description of mechanism, a formula, a report and images (if necessary).
  3. Submission of an application. This action can be made in several ways: in electronic format or in person at the public institution.
  4. Fee payment. If you want to obtain a patent for an invention as soon as possible, it is recommended that you should make payment before you submit your application. If papers are submitted before payment, the commission will request a receipt from you. Consideration of documents cannot begin without receipts.

The process can take from 7 months to a year, depending on how well documentation is drawn up, and if there are no claims to an invention.

Rules for obtaining a patent for an invention in Kazakhstan and abroad

The law on patents for inventions, utility models, and industrial designs is the same in all countries. There are only some minimal subtleties that are recommended to take into account. That is why it is worth studying information in detail before starting to deal with paperwork.

Validity of a patent for an invention is up to 20 years, and it can be extended. To do this, you must perform the same actions as during conclusion of initial transactions.

Registration of an invention patent in Kazakhstan (RK) — Nur-Sultan/Astana

Registration of a European patent for an invention provides a person with the following opportunities:

Professional services for extending validity of an invention patent in the RK

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