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As invention is protected a technical solution in any field relating to the product (device, substance, strain of microorganism, cell culture of plants or animals), method (process of implementation of actions over material object by material means), as well as the use of a known product or method for a new purpose or a new product for a particular purpose.
The creators of new technologies are not always aware of the need for timely identification of technical solutions that can be patented as inventions, which is why they have claims from third parties.

Legal protection is granted to an invention if it is new, has an inventive level and is industrially applicable.
The rights to an invention are protected by a patent, which is issued based on the results of an examination conducted in accordance with the Patent law of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
A patent certifies the priority, authorship, and exclusive right to an object of industrial property.
A patent for an invention is valid for twenty years from the date of filing the application.

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