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Utility models are called sometimes small inventions. As opposed to the invention, the utility model does not have to meet such patentability requirement as "inventive step".This means that any device can be recognized as a utility model.
A utility model includes technical solutions in any field related to a product (device, substance, microorganism strain, plant or animal cell culture), method (the process of performing actions on a material object using material means), as well as the application of a known product or method according to a new purpose or a new product for a specific purpose, with the exception of diagnostic, therapeutic and surgical methods of treating people or animals.

The right to utility model is protected by patent, which is issued following the results of an examination conducted in accordance with the Patent Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
A patent certifies priority, authorship and exclusive right to an industrial property object.
Utility model patent is valid for five years starting from the filing date of the application. The validity of patent can be extended following a request from the right holder, but not more than for three years.

Registration and formalization of a utility model patent in the RK (Kazakhstan) — applying, patenting and obtaining a utility model patent in Nur-Sultan/Astana c.

Sometimes it is hard to create or model independently some device (detail) that will be needed to design a particular mechanism or another. In order to protect your discovery and avoid problems, you need to get a patent for a utility model. But this is not an easy thing to do.

That is why many people ask a question: how can we get a patent for a utility model? The process of its obtaining is not as complicated as it seems at first glance. The procedure for granting a patent for a utility model can be conditionally divided into 4 stages, and they must first be familiarized with.

How does one obtain a patent for a utility model in Kazakhstan/RK?

Before you start formalizing documentation, you need to understand what a utility model is. First of all, this is a mechanism that is not similar to other inventions, because it can be parts and components, and even certain structures for a mechanism. In addition, a product must be used in agricultural production or industry.

Based on this matter, any device can be called a utility model that is used in practice (process, substance, device, object). That is why the system must correspond to the certain requirements:

If you avoid these conditions, documentation will not be issued, and you will have to apply for restoration of your utility model patent.

To obtain a patent for a utility model, it is necessary not only to create a mechanism but to fulfill the list containing the number of stages:

  1. Preliminary search which allows a person to verify that a patent for a utility model in Kazakhstan has not been previously issued. The search may take several months as you need to check not only the domestic but also the international database. Thanks to this doing, you will be able to find out whether it is possible to submit a patent application for a utility model and, how successful it will be.
  2. Registration and submission of documentation. Once you are convinced that a utility model patent can be valid, you need to start the process of its conclusion. Please note that the registration may take up to several weeks, and that you will need to immediately pay fees and attach necessary documents to an
  3. Passing of After you receive a text message that the application for a utility model patent has been successful, study of your mechanism begins. If there are any inaccuracies and nuances, you are given time (2 months) to correct them. Otherwise, you can lose not only time but also money (fees are not reimbursed).
  4. Passing of de facto At this stage, experts decide whether to grant a patent for an invention, utility model or industrial design. After that, documentation is to be certified.

Rules for obtaining a patent for a utility model in Kazakhstan and abroad

Rules for obtaining a patent for a utility model can be found in the search. They are the same for all countries, there are only some differences. As for the documentation, in order to make an application, you need to have the following list of documentation:

Registration of a utility model patent in Kazakhstan (RK) — Nur-Sultan/Astana c.

Before you read information on how to get a patent for a utility model, please note that some innovative ideas cannot be fixed. They include:

Professional services for extending validity of a utility model patent in the RK

If you register a patent for a utility model, contact the Intellectual-Kazakhstan Patent O ffice, which is engaged in the issuance of documentation. Work process takes from 7 months to a year. It depends on whether you are provided with improvements, and how much time they take.

Price and cost of services in patenting a utility model in Kazakhstan/RK and abroad rendered by a professional patent attorney and the Patent Office

If you wish to issue a patent at an acceptable cost, please contact us. The Intellectual- Kazakhstan Patent Office and a patent attorney in the RK have been providing services for many years. For all the time of work we have served more than a hundred customers who were satisfied with results. The advantages of working with us include:

  1. Timely and prompt execution of work.
  2. A friendly and qualified staff answering all questions and helping with documentation.
  3. Reasonable prices.
  4. Delivery of documentation throughout Kazakhstan.
  5. A guarantee of confidentiality. No one knows that you have contacted us.
  6. Knowledge of all aspects of granting patents at the international level.
  7. Work under a contract and step-by-step payments.
  8. Compliance with professional ethics.
  9. High quality of services.

In order to cooperate with us, call the number described on the website, or contact a company's manager who shares information by telephone and helps with registration of applications in the shortest possible time. We always protect interests of our clients and try to defend their position, so more than 95% of our transactions are successful.

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