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Copyright is personal non-property and property rights of the author. Copyright and related rights protect the rights of authors, artists, musicians, performing artists, broadcasters and other creators for their literary or artistic works and creations.
Copyright is filed in relation to:
- Registration of copyrights for computer programs and mobile applications;
- Registration of copyrights for literary composition;
- Registration of copyrights for dramatic and musical dramatic works;
- Registration of copyrights for scripts;
- Registration of copyrights for choreography and pantomime;
- Registration of copyrights for musical compositions with or without text;
- Registration of copyrights for audiovisual works;
- Registration of copyrights for paintings, sculptures, graphics and other works of fine art;
- Registration of copyrights for works of applied art;
- Registration of copyrights for pieces of architecture, urban planning, design and garden art;
- Registration of copyrights for photographic works and works created by methods similar to photography;
- Registration of copyrights for maps, plans, sketches, illustrations and three-dimensional works related to geography, topography and other sciences.

Copyright extends both to made public works (published, released, printed, publicly performed, publicly shown), and to unpublished works that exist in any objective form:
Written form (manuscript, typescript, musical notation and the like);
Oral form (public delivery, public performance and the like);
Sound or video recordings (mechanical, digital, magnetic, optical and the like);
Images (drawing, sketch, picture, plan, drawing figure, film, television-, video- or photo frame and the like);
Volumetric-spatial (sculpture, model, layout, construction and the like); other forms.
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Intellectual property copyright registration in Kazakhstan made by the Intellectual-Kazakhstan Patent Office and a patent attorney

Copyright in Kazakhstan, according to legislation, defines personal rights of an author. They can be property and non-property. Creative work, with the help of which a scientific, literary or artificial work is created, is considered as a property of an object. At the same time, their content as well as their further purpose is not important. A form of expression can also be different. The Intellectual-Kazakhstan Patent Office apprizes you of obtaining copyright in Kazakhstan, expending minimal costs and efforts.

A certificate is a document that confirms copyright of the RK. We present you a patent attorney with whom you can register copyright on your intellectual property. Copyright registration in Kazakhstan is made only for individuals. Legal entities have a right to use works or objects by drawing up a contract with an original author. Also such rights are granted on other grounds which are provided by law.

How can one obtain copyright in Kazakhstan and abroad for programs, mobile applications, music and texts, objects of fine art, etc.

Copyright registration in the RK requires the whole list of documents. Working with us, you can get copyright both in Kazakhstan and abroad. Copyright registration in Kazakhstan requires the following documents:

  1. A registration application.
  2. A storage device containing complete information about a registered application.
  3. A report.
  4. Documents confirming identity of an applicant (copies).
  5. A document on payment of a state fee.

To register some rights, you need copies of an employment contract. This is necessary when an additional contract between an author and an employer is concluded. When using official works, it mainly concerns identification of property rights ownership.

It is not difficult to register copyright online through the patent office. We will help you register copyright for your logo, software, mobile apps, text, music, and art objects.

Where does one register intellectual property copyright in Kazakhstan?

You can register copyright in the RK at the patent office with the help of a patent attorney working at the State Patent Institute. You can also use services of other organizations. Only authors decide in which Almaty organization they can register their copyright, however, as practice shows, it will be easy to do such a thing at our patent office.

Working with us, you will meet a patent attorney who thoroughly knows the whole process of how to register copyrights. Employees, demonstrating their extensive experience, consult you on what documents are needed, and what final costs of copyright registration can be offered. Visiting our patent office, you will enjoy the easiest way of registering copyrights in Kazakhstan.

Receiving copyright on computers, music, poems and texts, paintings and sculptures in Kazakhstan/RK — Nur-Sultan/Astana c.

The patent office permanently assists people to issue copyright of the RK. When legal entities act as owners of rights to the works, in addition to the list of documents required for registration, a certificate of state registration of the legal entities is also provided. If rights are registered for composite works that have a derivative, a copy of an author's contract is required. It must be concluded with a direct author or a person who have rights to an original work.

Registering copyright for a logo or music is also available at the Intellectual-Kazakhstan Patent Office. We promote acquisition of copyright for all necessary works. The list includes:

You can also register copyright for a song. It is worth noting that the documents that you provide for registration must be kept in proper condition; the sheets are numbered and sewn together. Each page must be signed by an author or a copyright holder.

Professional services of a patent attorney and the Patent Office in the field of intellectual property copyright registration in the RK/Kazakhstan

Registration of property rights is carried out by the state body authorized for this procedure. After receiving an application from an author, its approval takes place within 20 days. If not all necessary documents are available or the registration is not carried out properly, the registration will be refused. Documents will be returned to an applicant to eliminate all identified deficiencies.

Working with the patent office, you will definitely avoid such situations. You will be able to register copyright for a title on the first time. Our staff will personally check all documents before submitting them to the State Bureau. It will guarantee correctness of their registration and availability of all necessary documents.

Price and cost of copyright registration services in Kazakhstan/RK and abroad

Our prices for registration services are the most pleasant in Kazakhstan. We also provide services for registration of copyright abroad. Contacting us, you can learn how to register copyright for free. Copyright remains valid for the entire life of an applicant and 70 years after his/her death. A copyrighted work that has been published anonymously, bearing a pseudonym, is valid for 70 years from the time of its publication.

Copyright protection in Kazakhstan is effected in accordance with current legislation. In case of their violation, all types of liability are accepted — from civil and administrative, in some cases, up to criminal. The Intellectual-Kazakhstan Patent Office operates in accordance with legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan and provides full protection of your copyrights. You can contact us using the contacts described on the website.

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