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Development of a new and original design of products in the innovative activity of enterprises plays an important competitive role, as modern consumer pays attention not only to the technical characteristics of the product, but to its appearance or design. Therefore, the issue of ensuring legal protection of industrial design against unauthorised copying is relevant.
The appearance of industrial and handicraft products can be protected as an industrial design.
The protection to an industrial design is granted, if it is new and original.

An industrial design can be created in any area of human activity where goods are produced and these goods have appearance (practically, these are any goods). Solutions protected as industrial designs can relate to the most diverse aspects of human activity, starting from clothing and finishing with complex design solutions (automobiles, boats, etc.).
The right to an industrial design is protected by patent, which is issued following the results of an examination conducted in accordance with the Patent Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
A patent certifies priority, authorship and exclusive right to an industrial property object. An industrial design patent is valid for twenty years starting from the filing date of the application.

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