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Development of a new and original design of products in the innovative activity of enterprises plays an important competitive role, as modern consumer pays attention not only to the technical characteristics of the product, but to its appearance or design. Therefore, the issue of ensuring legal protection of industrial design against unauthorised copying is relevant.
The appearance of industrial and handicraft products can be protected as an industrial design.
The protection to an industrial design is granted, if it is new and original.

An industrial design can be created in any area of human activity where goods are produced and these goods have appearance (practically, these are any goods). Solutions protected as industrial designs can relate to the most diverse aspects of human activity, starting from clothing and finishing with complex design solutions (automobiles, boats, etc.).
The right to an industrial design is protected by patent, which is issued following the results of an examination conducted in accordance with the Patent Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
A patent certifies priority, authorship and exclusive right to an industrial property object. An industrial design patent is valid for twenty years starting from the filing date of the application.

Registration and formalization of an industrial design patent in the RK (Kazakhstan) — applying, patenting and obtaining an industrial design patent in Nur-Sultan/Astana

In the RK, patents for a utility model and industrial design have been issued for several years. At the same time, it is also important to register a design as well as a product. Thanks to this, a cost of branded goods reaches several million tenge, and their possessors can win a decent annual financial reward.

An industrial design patent allows products to look presentable, which makes goods more popular and lucrative.

To obtain a patent for an industrial design, it is recommended to adhere to the following rules:

An application for the grant of a patent for an industrial design can be submitted for:

Obtaining a patent for an industrial design allows a person to make sure that he/she is endowed with an individual right. Documentation contains information about authorship and patent owners, describing designs and features recognizing it.

How does one obtain a patent for an industrial design in Kazakhstan/RK?

Registration of a patent for an industrial design and its application have certain limitations. A designer can register an object, because he is engaged in its production. In addition, it is necessary to remember that a patent for an industrial design is valid only in a certain region.

If necessary, a designer can grant rights to products to another person. This is done on the basis of a contract under which a patent for an industrial design is resold at an acceptable price or transferred for a certain period of time. To obtain documentation, you need to perform the following steps:

  1. Searching for a similar patent. It may take a few days, but it will inform you of uniqueness of your product. Only then you can apply for a patent for an industrial design. To search for plagiarism, not only media and exhibition products can be involved in the case but also other resources. A similar product is sought not only in domestic but also in international markets.
  2. Providing information about a Paying attention to information obtained during familiarization with a database, make a description of a sample, taking into account all its subtleties and characteristics.
  3. Registration and filing of an application for the grant of a patent for an industrial design. This must include all necessary documentation and a receipt for fee
  4. Formal expertise. At this stage, professionals are engaged in checking an application and correctness of its registration.
  5. De facto This stage shows that a product has been carefully examined for several months; matching its indexes.
  6. Granting a patent.

Rules for obtaining a patent for an industrial design in Kazakhstan and abroad

Rules for a patent for an industrial design are the same both in Kazakhstan and abroad. There are only slight differences. However, there is the list of products for which documents are not provided:

Registration of an industrial design patent in Kazakhstan (RK) — Nur-Sultan/Astana c.

Each patent has its own term. They can be interpreted by Article 1363 of the Civil Code. The term of validity of a patent for an industrial design is 5 years. Countdown starts from the moment when the application for its registration is submitted. However, registration of a patent for an industrial design can be extended several times. Products and documentation can be protected up to 25 years.

Professional services for extending validity of an industrial design patent in the RK

To use professional services of the Intellectual-Kazakhstan Patent Office, extending validity of a patent, it is recommended to submit the following documentation:

Price and cost of services in patenting an industrial design in Kazakhstan/RK and abroad rendered by a professional patent attorney and the Patent Office

If you do not know how to obtain a patent for an industrial design, contact the Intellectual-Kazakhstan Patent Office, which has been issuing documentation at an acceptable cost for many years. The advantages of working with us include:

To order services, you can call the number described on the website or leave a request. Company managers will contact you to start processing documents.

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