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The name of the company, logo, image, brand, slogan - all these familiar concepts are united by one legal term - “TRADEMARK”.
A trademark is a designation that serves to distinguish goods (services) of one legal or physical persons from similar goods (services) of other legal or physical persons.
Each trademark is registered in respect of specific goods and services. Goods and services are classified according to the International classification of goods and services (International (Nice) Classification of Goods and Services for the Purposes of the Registration of Marks), established by Nice classification agreement (Nice agreement) applied for the registration of trademarks (hereinafter ICGS).

International Classification of Goods and Services consists of 45 classes: goods are from 1 to 34 classes ICGS, and services are included in classes from 35 to 45. Class headings of the ICGS indicate in the most general terms those areas to which goods and services belong. The right to a trademark is certified by a record of registration in the State Register of Trademarks of the Republic of Kazakhstan and is confirmed by an extract from the State Register of Trademarks of the Republic of Kazakhstan. A trademark holder possesses the exclusive right to use and dispose his trademark in relation to the goods and services indicated in the certificate. No one may use a trademark protected in the Republic of Kazakhstan without the consent of the holder.
The company is not a full holder of its own trademark until the trademark is registered! Any person who has registered identical or similar mark has the right to forbid you to use it.

Trademark/tradesign registration in Kazakhstan made by the Intellectual-Kazakhstan Patent Office and a patent attorney

Registration of a trademark, name, logo or other brand name is done so that they can be legally recognized. In Kazakhstan, these responsibilities are assigned to the Intellectual Property Institute which acts as a national institution. Obtaining legal protection requires using  services of the Intellectual-Kazakhstan Patent Office and a patent attorney. We have a wide and developed partner network which allows us to quickly register it not only in Kazakhstan but also abroad.

In our office, trademark registration is considered as a prompt performance of work made in the prescribed time. Tradesign registration cost in the Republic of Kazakhstan is one of the lowest in the country. You can also register a tradesign online with us. We provide all types of services that are related to tradesign/trademark registration.

How can one register a trademark, brand and logo in Kazakhstan and abroad?

Tradesign registration in Kazakhstan is available for various brand names. It can be done not only by companies but also by individuals. Let's analyze what types of tradesigns are in the Republic of Kazakhstan:

  1. A verbal type allows you to register a symbol consisting of characters: letters, numbers, or their
  2. A tradesign in the form of an image. You will receive protection of an element which has a For example, this can be a logo of a company or a firm.
  3. A combined trademark. This type of sign contains elements of verbal and graphic parts.

An application for trademark registration of the RK is required for all its types. Trademarks, logos, brands require appropriate documents. Also, in addition to common trademarks, there are rare ones. For example, aiming at your capacity protection, it can be made in the unique shape of a trademark.

Brand registration in Kazakhstan is implemented for a certain group of products or provided services. They must be sold or used under this trademark. In order to define and specify a type of goods or provided services, an international classifier is to be used. To select a desired class, simply putting desired names in the search bar, a system automatically selects an appropriate option. Using our services, trademark registration in Kazakhstan is swiftly performed.

Rules for obtaining registration of an international tradesign and trademark

An application for tradesign registration can take place on our website in real time. At first, you should select a trademark, its type, status of an applicant, and a class of goods and services. After filling in owner's information, a person receives an invoice. One can deposit funds online or use bank services. An application is automatically submitted to the office after receiving a payment.

Our cost of RK trademark registration justifies its advantage. The cost of services includes checking of trademark and a search which is performed by professionals in the field. It gives you an opportunity of verifying uniqueness of brand. When finding similarities with other tradesigns, recommendations are provided on how to improve, increase recognition of brands or trademarks. We fulfill trademark registration in Kazakhstan in the shortest possible time.

Getting a patent for a tradesign and trademark (logo/brand) in Kazakhstan (RK) — Nur-Sultan/Astana city

To fully register a brand, you must pass a preliminary and complete examination. It helps you accurately determine security capability of submitted designations. It will take up to one year to register a tradesign. In case of a positive outcome of all procedures carried out, an applicant is awarded with a certificate. A document confirming trademark registration is valid for 10 years. Submission of necessary documents prolongates its validation.

The Intellectual-Kazakhstan Patent Office helps you register trademarks in the RK. We work with clients living in Nur-Sultan/Astana and Kazakhstan. When working with patent attorneys, it is necessary to pay for foreign employees` services as well as to pay a fee to the Patent Office of the RK. Payments are made in the national currency.

Professional services of a patent attorney and the Patent Office in the field of trademark/tradesign rights registration in the RK/Kazakhstan

If you do not know where to view registered trademarks, you can always address us. We provide professional patent attorney services with a full range of concomitant services. Our patent office has been carrying out work related to trademark/tradesign registration in Kazakhstan for many years.

We will help you collect documents required for trademark registration in a short time. Our employees are professionals endowed with extensive experience. They thoroughly know all subtleties of procedure and its implementation. Working with us, you are guaranteed to receive a positive result, thus being able to register a sign.

Price and cost of trademark/tradesign registration services in Kazakhstan/RK and abroad

There is an agreement between Russia and Kazakhstan that significantly simplifies both the submission procedure and consideration of applications. Residents of both countries who do not live in their own countries are able to use the current opportunity. Documents for trademark registration are submitted in Russian, and all necessary payments are made in rubles. When applying to the patent office, you are to receive minimization of costs expended on work.

All customers are able to register international trademarks at its own cost. You can register brands both in the Republic of Kazakhstan and abroad. Please visit our website to view current prices for services. Contacts are also available on it.

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