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The name of the company, logo, image, brand, slogan - all these familiar concepts are united by one legal term - “TRADEMARK”.
A trademark is a designation that serves to distinguish goods (services) of one legal or physical persons from similar goods (services) of other legal or physical persons.
Each trademark is registered in respect of specific goods and services. Goods and services are classified according to the International classification of goods and services (International (Nice) Classification of Goods and Services for the Purposes of the Registration of Marks), established by Nice classification agreement (Nice agreement) applied for the registration of trademarks (hereinafter ICGS).

International Classification of Goods and Services consists of 45 classes: goods are from 1 to 34 classes ICGS, and services are included in classes from 35 to 45. Class headings of the ICGS indicate in the most general terms those areas to which goods and services belong. The right to a trademark is certified by a record of registration in the State Register of Trademarks of the Republic of Kazakhstan and is confirmed by an extract from the State Register of Trademarks of the Republic of Kazakhstan. A trademark holder possesses the exclusive right to use and dispose his trademark in relation to the goods and services indicated in the certificate. No one may use a trademark protected in the Republic of Kazakhstan without the consent of the holder.
The company is not a full holder of its own trademark until the trademark is registered! Any person who has registered identical or similar mark has the right to forbid you to use it.

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